KySTE History

Last Updated: 6/3/2022 11:40 AM
Below is a timeline of KySTE history, including all past presidents. KySTE would like to thank each of the cited sources for its information below. If you have information, or would like to correct inaccuracies, get in touch with the KySTE web manager, or any board member...and thanks!






Focus groups sponsored by KDE brought district tech leaders together. Through the encouragement of Lydia Wells Sledge (KDE), this led to the first discussions of a state education technology organization as an "outside watchdog" of the Kentucky Education Technology System, KETS (Pat Stewart, Susan Taylor).


Brent Flaugher-Ft. Thomas Schools

Kentucky Association of Tech Coordinators (KATC) first formed. Early issues included state standardization vs. district autonomy on platforms such as email, student records, etc. (Pat Stewart).


Mike Bidwell-Shelby County

Shelby County was selected as the model district for technology (Pat Stewart)


Jeff Grubb-Rowan County



Mike Ainsley--Union County



Pat Stewart – Warren County

KATC files articles of incorporation with the state as a non-profit (see here for details), and applies for 501(c)(4) status with the Feds.


Leslie Flanders – Scott County



Benny Lile – Barren County



Anita Driskill – Marshall County

Regional tech organizations established (Michele Crowley guessed)


Mary Grace Jager – Jefferson County

Maritta was Vice-president when we had the conference in Pikeville and the Governor actually made an appearance - in his home town. (Tony Minton)


Maritta Belcher – Pike County



Teresa Hail – Pulaski County

KATC becomes affiliated with ISTE (Tony Minton)


Vicki Fields – Kenton County

KATC begins sponsoring FALL UPDATES which brought KDE folks in to update all the locals on what was going on in technology (Tony Minton). Institues a "TRT Liaison" position (Jeanne Biddle). KDE dissolves Regional Service Centers (Bryan Sweasy – he cited LRC); KATC elects its first regional representatives (Vickie Fields).


Pat Stewart – Warren County

The roots of what has developed into KySTE came into first light after the Governance Training involving Leslie Flanders, Pat Stewart, Charlotte Wright, Marita Clark (she has a new married name), Jeanne Biddle and others (Susan Taylor)


Charlotte Wright -- Anderson County

As Charlotte moved to KDE, shared responsibilities with Susan Taylor.


Susan Taylor -- Calloway County

"ISTE Liaison" position created from former TRT position (Jeanne Biddle). Summer 2006: KATC becomes KySTE, new broader bylaws enacted. (Susan Taylor)


Naomi Cornett -- Owen County

Partial term (health reasons), completed by Michele Crowley


Michele Crowley -- Pendleton County

KTLC Canceled. Vendor "Platinum Status" program started. Hires first Executive Director (Jan. 2009).


Cheri Gossett -- Mayfield Ind.

KySTE moves its summer conference to the spring in the old Kentucky Teaching and Learning Conference (KTLC) timeslot (previously Kentucky Education Technology Conference/KETC). Gary Grant hired as Executive Director (Jan. 2010).


Bryan Sweasy -- Erlanger

KySTE awarded the “Bill Stilwell Award” by David Couch and Kentucky Information and Data Services (KIDS), KDE. First grant fund established. Attorney contracted to provide bylaws guidance and encourage improved compliance and record-keeping, in anticipation of an application for 501(c)(3) status.


Jeffrey Jones -- Fayette County

KySTE Outreach established, formalizing the mechanism which will defines grants and services to members and constituents. KySTE applies for 501(c)(3) non-profit status (approved Feb. 2012).


Cary Petersen -- Jefferson County

KySTE begins a Vendor Partner program to expand KySTE Outreach funding, and increased integration of vendor and KySTE interests.


Diana McGhee -- Fort Thomas

KySTE changed the format of the Spring conference to include an "expertly speaking" strand instead of a keynote speaker.  The first expert speaker was Meg Ormiston.


Erin Waggoner -- Jessamine County

The KySTE Fall Event switches from a “New CIO” theme to a more topical theme. The Spring Conference in 2015 becomes one to remember as Louisville received over a foot of snow between Wednesday and Thursday, but attendance still reaches over 1200.


Cheri Gossett -- Mayfield Ind.

Gary Grant announces intentions to retire and KySTE begins process of seeking qualified candidates to replace him.

2016-17 Susan Vincentz -- Bullett County Gary Grant retires at the end of June 2017; Lorena Webb is hired to replace Gary.  KySTE Spring Conference 2017 hits record attendance of close to 1700 attendees.
2017-18 Greta Casto - Russell Ind. KySTE Spring Conference set another record with over 1700 attendees.
2018-2019 Matthew Constant - Owensboro Ind. Spring Conference attendance continues to grow.  New plastic badges were introduced with the conference schedule and important information on the back.
2019-2020 Brandon Blackburn - Pikeville Independent Spring Conference cut short due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. Kentucky schools close for the remainder of the school year and transition to NTI days.
2020-2021 Amy Johns - Fayette County KySTE pivots it's offerings to members due to the pandemic.  Free membership is offered, KySTE swag bags were sent to members, and several instructional and technical virtual sessions were offered through out the year.  Amy Johns wins the Making IT Happen award for her diligent work during the pandemic.
2021-2022 Amy Johns - Fayette County KySTE offers an in-person fall event for CIOs, DLCs and school administrators. The spring conference yielded the second highest attendance.