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Congratulations to the 2023 Award Winners!
2023 Impact Leader - Lisa Salyer, Digital Learning Lead/Technology Instructional Lead, Johnson County Schools
2023 Impact Teacher - Clint Litzinger, Science Teacher, Bracken County Schools
2023 Impact Tech Support - Matt Henry, Level III Computer Maintenance Technician, Owensboro Independent School District
2023 Making IT Happen Aware - Ben Maynard, Kentucky Department of Education
Congratulations to the 2022 Award Winners!
2022 Impact Leader - Carrie Ripy, OwenCounty Schools
Carrie Ripy
Carrie was raised in Frankfort, Ky, and is a first-generation college graduate. For 24 years she has been an advocate for education, starting her teaching career in Owen County in high school biology and, from that, teaching every grade level P-12, from science to library media and technology. She has served as Director of Technology for eight years, an STC for more than 10 and holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Biology, a Master of Arts in Secondary Education, and Master of Science in Media science and Information Technology. Carrie has three children, two have graduated from college and her youngest is a senior at Owen County High.
2021 Impact Teacher - Melissa Tobin, Caverna Independent School District
Melissa Tobin
Melissa Tobin is a role model for being a servant leader and a caring, passionate educator. She not only strives to meet the needs of students and challenge them to high levels, she serves as a mentor for educators around her and also in the community. She is a lifelong learner and is constantly seeking new resources and strategies by attending conferences and researching scholarly articles. More importantly, she shares her learning by conducting professional learning opportunties with teachers, administrators, and parents. She has a great presence in the community and seeks to improve parent and family engagement in her school. She has hosted technology showcases for families and for local businesses and industry which
gives the students to demonstrate their technology skills. She is energetic and engaging in the classroom. She has excellent rapport with students, and she genuinely cares about the academic and emotional needs of all students inside the classroom and outside the classroom. Ms. Tobin teachers K-th grade STEAM classes, and has coached STLP for over 6 years.
2022 Impact Tech Support - Jimmy Pack, Franklin County Schools
Jimmy Pack
Jimmy Pack is the retired CIO for Franklin County Schools. He has served in this role for the past 13 years. He is a Johnson County native, which if you have ever met him you know he is very proud of. He is the husband to Mrs. Debbie Pack and the father of two sons, James and Tommy. Jimmy is the knower of all things, an advocate for technology, and a leader in Kentucky's educational technology ventures.

Hall of Fame

Year Impact Leader Impact Teacher Impact Tech Support* Making IT Happen
2022 Carrie Ripy Jimmy Pack Melissa Tobin  
2021 Robby Forsythe Craig Dunlap Stephen Johnson Amy Johns
2020 Adrienne Usher Jessica Masters Steve Boone Laura Raganas
2019 Adam Watson Danna Pearsall Nathan Seaton Harold Burchell
2018 Bob Moore Rebecca King Sam Condor Jeff Sebulsky
2017 Steve Gumm Christopher Godby Andrew Hobbs Gary Grant
2016 Terri Cox Cruey Heidi Neltner Dave Carty Marty Park
2015 Leanna Prater Tina Record Jason Reis Dave Sigler
2014 Jana Hickey  Randy Barrette Zachary Dean  Terri Stice
2013 Lisa Bishop Simmons  Angela Cunningham Andrew Conyers  Chuck Austin
2012 Bob Fortney Paula Boggs Russ Cole Charlotte Chowning
2011 Naomi Cornette Michelle Lee Dan Klaber Kim Duvall/David Couch
2010 Michele Crowley Jackie Revlett Larry Jesse  
2009 Pat Stewart Kay Bush  NA  Elaine Harrison Lane
2008 Brenda Nix Niki Locklear  NA NA
2007 David Couch    NA  NA
2006 Greg Drake Mitzi Shields  NA  NA
2005  Leslie Flanders Patricia Coomer  NA  NA
2004 Charlotte Chowning    NA  NA
2003 Nikkol Bauer    NA  NA
2002 Lydia Wells Sledge    NA  NA

*New in 2010
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***Impact Awards renamed from Outstanding in 2021

2021 Making IT Happen - Amy Johns, Fayette County Schools


2021 Impact Leader - Robby Forsythe, Warren County Schools

Robby Forsythe

Mr. Forsythe started out as a Chemistry teacher in Warren County with an interest in technology.  He helped with all things technology at the school and was then hired as the Assistant Director of Technology.  After 7 years in this position, he took on the Director of Technology position.  He served Warren County as the director for 9 years.  Now, even though he could retire, he is still a critical and vital piece to Warren County through his work with data integration.  Even more important is his work with our younger staff.  He knows the KDE environment so well, and he is able to assist in troubleshooting of any type due to his knowledge and awareness of all the different aspects.


2021 Impact Teacher - Craig Dunlap, Boone County Schools

Craig Dunlap

Craig Dunlap is the Blended Learning Teacher at Yealey Elementary School in Boone County School District.  In his 27-year teaching career, his love of technology has followed him through four different schools. He has taught at private schools in New Jersey, Kentucky, and Ohio before joining the staff at Yealey in 2016. He earned a Bachelor of Science in Education from Cairn University in suburban Philadelphia and a Masters of Education from Cedarville University near Columbus, OH.     Craig’s first school was a small private school which had only one computer for kindergarten through eighth grades.  So, he brought his own desktop to school to share with his 4th graders. From that point on, his students could count on him to integrate technology whenever possible.  At Yealey, Craig focuses on robotics, coding, and video production.  He leads a Video Club for 3rd-5th grade students and is an ambassador for Kodable and Cubelets.     Craig is a frequent presenter at edtech conferences, having shared at OETC and KySTE about various topics such as genius hour, social media, book commercial videos, and makerspace badges.  He has also presented at smaller events, most recently for Jefferson County School District Media Specialists.  Craig was slated to be part of the makerspace playground at ISTE in 2020, but could not participate due to COVID.   Mr. Dunlap lives in Covington, KY, with his wife -- a 2nd grade teacher -- and middle school daughter.


2021 Impact Tech Support - Stephen Johnson, Henderson County Schools

Stephen Johnson

Stephen began in education as a Program Assistant (08-10).  There he made relationships with students and helped teachers "unofficially" with their tech needs. He then moved on to be that same school's Computer Lab Technician (10-11) where he continued to improve the school's technology program. He then wanted to expand his expertise in our district and he moved to the Technology Support Center where he became a Microcomputer Specialist (11-16) and then LAN Tech (16-20.)Stephen now serves as the Lead Computer Maintenance Technician (2020+) for our district.

2020 Making IT Happen - Laura Raganas, Kentucky Department of Education, Office of Education Technology
Laura RaganasRaganas began her education career as an elementary classroom teacher in Taylor County, where she was recognized for her innovative ways of educating students. Not long after she began working with Taylor County, Raganas was asked to take on the role of the district’s digital learning coach. After excelling again in this capacity, she was sought by KDE to focus on statewide school improvement. While with the department, she has lead Kentucky’s IT Academy, STLP Girls Who Code, the Digital Learning Coach Network and the Kentucky Academic Standards for Technology. Raganas has helped support Kentucky’s schools and districts leverage the power of integrating technology into learning. She has made impacts in both the district leadership teams and with teaching staff across the state.
2020 Outstanding Leader - Adrienne Usher, Bullitt County
Danna PearsallAdrienne Usher is currently in her 18th year in the field of education and currently serves the students, staff and community as Assistant Superintendent for Student Learning in Bullitt County Public Schools. In her role, she is responsible for overseeing, promoting and implementing curriculum, instruction and assessment programming, PreK-12, alongside district and school leaders while aligning federal, state and local resources to support the instructional vision and mission for the district. In addition, she oversees pupil personnel, school safety, and the growth and development of personnel within human resources. Adrienne has previously served as a teacher, school counselor, instructional coach, principal and district level administrator prior to her present role.
2020 Outstanding Teacher - Jessica Masters, Franklin County
Danna Pearsall

Jessica Holmes Masters (@LibrarianHolmes) is a library media specialist at Westridge Elementary School where she has served in this position for 14 years.  Mrs. Masters also serves as the STC, STLP Coordinator, Girls Who Code Coordinator, and Musical Theater Director. She earned National Board Certification in 2011 along with the distinction of being named Teacher of the Year at her school.  In 2014, Mrs. Masters was named the National Elementary Winner of the I Love My Librarian Award presented by the American Library Association, the New York Times, and the Carnegie Corporation.

After piloting the elementary Girls Who Code curriculum for the state of Kentucky, Jessica cast a spotlight on her students and school through the national media with her Girls Who Code work.  Her program was featured in USA Today and other associated press affiliate newspapers across the country.  In addition, her students participated in the first ever Girls Who Code Advocacy Day where her students presented their projects to legislators in an attempt to get a bill passed that would monitor the number of girls enrolled in computer science classes so that solutions to the gender gap can be found.  Beyond her work with Girls Who Code, Jessica has also been an STLP leader for over 10 years, bringing the first STLP program to her district.  She strongly believes that ALL students can be successful with the right tools, which is evident in the fact her students currently hold state titles in multiple STLP categories and the program is the largest in her school.     

Jessica is passionate about encouraging creative technology use in her students, but also believes that there needs to be equal time spent unplugged.  While unplugged, she enjoys traveling the world, spending time with her husband Jim and bonus children, and collecting all things Harry Potter. 

2020 Outstanding Tech Support - Steve Boone, Hardin County
Nathan Seaton
2019 Outstanding Leader - Adam Watson, Shelby County
Adam WatsonAdam Watson (@watsonedtech) has been an educator since 2005.  He began as an English classroom teacher, eventually earning Teacher of the Year at South Oldham High School in 2009 and becoming National Board Certified in 2013.  His belief in the impact of educational technology started with literature circle student podcasts.  Not only did the students receive responses from authors of the books, but young adults as far away as China let them know their podcasts were a part of their own classroom experiences.  The project led Adam and his students to the cover of Kentucky Teacher in April 2009.  In 2014, a Core Content-aligned unit on “Shakespeare and Star Wars” culminated in a Skype Q & A with a New York Times best-selling author, Adam’s unit materials hosted on multiple sites, and a mention in Star Wars Insider in April 2015.
In 2014, Adam became Shelby County Public School’s first Technology Integration Coach; he is currently Shelby’s Digital Learning Coordinator.  He was hired to help lead the staff professional development on blended learning as Shelby began its K-12 1:1 initiative.  This led to the creation of a “Share Fair” conference model (presented by Shelby staff, but open for all to attend) that has been a popular annual event since 2015.  Among other achievements while at Shelby, Adam was the writer and adapter of a digital citizenship district curriculum that annually spirals through five focus strands and consists of 65 non-repeating K-12 lessons.
Adam believes strongly in education technology, but in that order.  He loves to share his tips, tools and thoughts through his blog “Edtech Elixirs” and his YouTube channel (which combined currently have over a quarter million views).  His wife and two daughters inspire him to continue learning and leading.
2019 Outstanding Teacher - Danna Pearsall, Hardin County
Danna PearsallDanna Pearsall teaches English at Central Hardin High School.  In her 13 years of experience, she has had the privilege of teaching all levels of junior- and senior-level English as well as Creative Writing and Shakespeare.  She earned her BA in English, MA in Teaching, and MA in English, and is currently working on her EdS in Supervisor of Instruction.  
Mrs. Pearsall has been a member of the Hardin County Schools Technology Innovate Fellowship since its inception in 2016.  She was also one of the first in her district to earn a grant for a classroom set of Chromebooks, which she uses daily in her teaching.  In addition, with the support of the Technology Innovate Fellowship, Mrs. Pearsall presents various professional development topics (both technology-based and method-based) throughout her school, district, region, and state.  
An insatiable desire to learn and improve drive Mrs. Pearsall's work.  She has earned many technology certifications including Google Certified Trainer, Nearpod Certified Trainer/PioNear, and Kami Hero, among others.  She attributes her success as a teacher to her appetite for continual learning and innovation as well as being willing and able to adapt to the ever-changing needs of her students.
Mrs. Pearsall lives in Elizabethtown, KY with her husband, four children, and myriad of pets.  Her hobbies include blogging, reading, yoga, and traveling.
2019 Outstanding Tech Support- Nathan Seaton, Owensboro Independant
Nathan SeatonNathan Seaton is the Instructional Technology Specialist for Owensboro Public Schools. In his 10 years with the district, he has also served as Instructional Assistant (EBD), School Technology Coordinator, Fine Arts Technical Director, Digital Curriculum Support Specialist, and District Technician. Nathan is a proud supporter of the Owensboro-Daviess County community where he lives, attended high school and college, and contributes his time and talents to several nonprofit organizations.
In all aspects of his life, Nathan is never satisfied with the status quo and is constantly seeking ways to make things better or more efficient. Whether it's adding more gadgets to his smart home or beta-testing the newest EdTech innovations, Nathan loves being a lifelong learner and a facilitator of learning. In his "spare time" he started an all-digital local news source in Owensboro which now has over 25,000 readers.
2019 Making IT Happen - Harold Burchell, KDE/OET
2018 Outstanding Leader - Bob Moore, Fayette County

Bob MooreBob Moore has been working in the education technology field since 2000.  Currently the Director of Technology for Fayette County Public Schools, he has also worked as a technician for FCPS, as the Director of Technology for Madison County Schools, and has served in the United States Army, most recently as a Signal Officer.  He earned an MBA from Morehead State University. 

Bob believes that students come first, teachers are second, and everyone else comes after students and teachers.  He believes that technology can provide ways for students to learn and achieve that weren’t possible before, but only if we change the way we teach.  He also believes that we must provide opportunities for all students, particularly those students that might be disadvantaged otherwise.

As a leader, Bob believes that his two most important jobs are to accomplish the mission and take care of his employees.  He believes that leaders should give employees the training and tools to succeed, and has been dedicated to providing high quality PD opportunities to his staff, teachers, and other leaders around the district.
Bob has been married to Christina for 25 years and has two children, Allen and Samantha.  In his free time, he enjoys spending time outdoors.

2018 Outstanding Teacher - Rebecca King, Pikeville Independent

Rebecca King is a twenty-three year veteran of teaching. In 2014, she received NatioRebeccaKingnal Board Certification in Adolescent and Young Adulthood English Language Arts. Prior to that, she completed her Masters of Arts in English at Morehead State University. Her enthusiasm for using technology in the classroom is direct result of her  study at the Breadloaf School of English and work with the Breadloaf Teacher Leader Network. Engaging in collaborative exchanges with teachers in other states and our own helped her realize the power of technology to provide wide access for students to different cultures and learning experiences. The secret she discovered is technology is a tool, which used intentionally, can provide diverse learning situations which increase student engagement.


2018 Outstanding Tech Support- Sam Condor, Fayette County

Sam CondorSam Conder is a senior network administrator for Fayette County Public Schools in Lexington, Kentucky. In his 21 years with the district he has served as a support technician, technical trainer, and network administrator. Sam is a lifelong resident of the Bluegrass State and is a graduate of Lafayette High School in Lexington, KY and Lexington Community College where he earned an Associate Degree in Applied Science. Sam and his wife Adele live in Midway, Kentucky. When not at work Sam enjoys hiking the Appalachian Trail and fly fishing.
2018 Making IT Happen - Jeff Sebulsky, KDE/OET
2017 Outstanding Leader - Steve Gumm, Barren County
Steve GummSteve Gumm came to Barren County Schools in August 1998 from working in industry where he was an IT Manager for a local computer company.  Steve graduated from the University of Kentucky with a degree in Communications and later went on to become a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer while obtaining many other industry certifications.  When Steve came to Barren County Schools there was only one machine per building connected to the Internet via a dial up connection.  Fast-forward to 2017 and Barren now has one of the most robust networks and wireless infrastructures in the state.  Steve brought his philosophy into the classrooms that technology should be as reliable the light switches in the room.  Steve often says “Technology is what we do, People are why we are here.”
2017 Outstanding Teacher - Christopher Godby, Russell County
Christopher GodbeyChris Godby has taught social studies at Russell County High School for 22 of his 23 years in education.  From the beginning of his career he has shared his passion for instructional technology through helping other teachers and students discover new and exciting ways to learn in the digital age.  As School Technology Coordinator for RCHS since 1999, he has conducted numerous tech trainings for his district.  Despite his long career, he is always seeking to learn new things and share them with others.  As a school leader, he has served on the site-based council for almost 10 years.  Outside of school, he has been the communications director at his church since 2004.  He is also chairman and webmaster of the Central Ky Tennis Series.  He has developed and maintained several educational and small-business web sites over the years.

In 2015 he received the Excellence in Teaching Award from Campbellsville University, and in 2016 he achieved the title of Apple Teacher.  His media students have won multiple awards since 2000 for their school newscasts.  Chris lives in Russell Springs with his wife Laura, son Carson (7), and daughter Calli (6).  He is on Twitter @mrgodby.

2017 Outstanding Tech Support - Andrew Hobbs, Bullitt County
Andrew Hobbs

Andrew Hobbs (Andy as he is known to his friends) started his career in Education Technology with Bullitt County Public Schools in January of 2000.  The son of 2 educators, his entire immediate family is in education, his sister an Elementary Librarian and his wife a Middle School Art Educator.  Andy is a product of the Bullitt County School system, graduating from Bullitt East High School in 1998.  He volunteered in the technology department for 2 years before being hired as a Computer Technician in 2000. In 2007 he was promoted to Network Engineer for the district where he is tasked with design and maintenance of networks in 27 locations, management of the datacenter and application development for the district.  Andy loves solving problems and faces challenges head on.

Andy met his wife, Angela, in 2002 and they were married in September of 2007. They live in Mt. Washington with their 2 sons, Henry and Max.  As an Eagle Scout Andy enjoys the outdoors.  He is a long time woodworker, a love that was instilled in him from an early age by his late father Kenny.
2017 Making IT Happen - Gary Grant, KySTE Executive Director
Gary Grant
Gary Grant began his teaching career in 1974 in Camden, Ohio after serving as an officer in the US Air Force during the Vietnam War. He taught middle school math. He and his family moved to St. Petersburg, FL in 1980 where he again taught middle school math. In 1981 Grant left teaching to begin a career as a computer programmer in banking. He and his family moved to Kentucky in 1990 where he returned to teaching middle school in Meade County School District. Grant taught middle school math, science, and reading. While at Meade County he became very involved with STLP. Grant’s first student showcase project was a gifted class that he taught. The class was a collaboration of Gifted and Functionally Disabled students. Grant’s involvement in STLP continued to grow. In 2007 he received the STLP Ambassador Award and in 2013 he was honored with the Lydia Wells Sledge STLP MVP Award. Grant retired from Meade County Schools in 2008. In December, 2009 he was hired as Executive Director of KySTE. As Executive Director he helped co-ordinate the Spring KySTE Conference from 2010-2017. Grant received the ISTE ‘Making IT Happen’ Award at KySTE 2017 Conference. Mr. Grant will retire as Executive Director, June 30, 2017.