Outstanding Teacher and Leader Awards

The nomination window is now closed.  Please check back October 2017.

The Outstanding Teacher and Outstanding Leader awards recognize and honor one teacher and one leader who have demonstrated outstanding achievement and leadership in implementing technology to improve education. KySTE only accepts nominations from active members for each award annually.  Each active member may only nominate one person for each award.  The nomination process opens October 12, 2016 and closes January 20, 2017.  Submit the required nomination form to Mary Ann Rankin by the submission deadline. Each nomination will be evaluated using the selection criteria below by a review committee selected from within the KySTE membership. Winners will be announced in February and acknowledged at a special event during the KySTE Spring Conference in Louisville.

In addition, KySTE will submit the winning Outstanding Teacher and Outstanding Leader to ISTE for consideration for the honor of Outstanding Teacher and Outstanding Leader from nominations submitted by ISTE Affiliates from around the world. ISTE showcases the Outstanding Teacher and Outstanding Leader Award recipients at its summer conference. ISTE publicizes recipients’ achievements to more than 200 media outlets worldwide.

Outstanding Teacher Nomination Form (DOC)

Outstanding Teacher Nomination Form (PDF)

Outstanding Leader Nomination Form (DOC)

Outstanding Leader Nomination Form (PDF)

Nomination deadline:  January 20, 2017 at 11:59pm

Nomination Directions and Requirements
Organize all required nomination materials described below into one PDF file in the order given below.

  • KySTE Affiliate Nomination Form
  • KySTE Affiliate Nomination Statement (excluding cover Nomination Form, Nominee resume and letters of recommendation).  The Nomination Statement is limited to the following size restraints: 1900 words, 2 pages in length, 10 pt. font, Arial or Times New Roman Style and 1” margins.  This written narrative should provide KySTE with the reason for nominating the individual as an outstanding teacher or outstanding leader (up to two pages).
  • Nominee Resume or Vitae - Outlining professional background and experience (maximum two pages)
  • Letters of Recommendation - A minimum of two and a maximum of three per nominee. Letters of Recommendation must include signatures.

If the nomination packet received is incomplete or past the deadline, the nominee will be disqualified and the individual notified of the disqualification. There will be no opportunities to complete the packet once the representative has been notified of disqualification. Those responsible for submitting the nominations materials are strongly encouraged to submit well before the deadline and request that the Affiliate Awards Committee Chair review submission and confirm that all items are received, accessible, and complete.

Selection Criteria
1. Required nomination materials are complete and submitted by deadline.
2. The nominee is a PK–12, teacher* (see definition below) if nominated for the teacher award and not a PK–12 teacher if nominated for the leader award.
3. The nominee’s work has had a significant positive impact on technology use in education locally, regionally, statewide, nationally, or worldwide.
4. The nominee has involved the community in the initiative or program to facilitate partnerships with business and/or legislative initiations to advance the use of technology in education.
5. The nominee works tirelessly to genuinely improve the quality of education.
6. The nominee has demonstrated his/her ability to both deliberately plan for and incorporate in the use of technology for the purpose of improving the educational setting.
7. The quality of education and/or work experience has been significantly advanced in the nominee’s workplace as a result of the nominee’s efforts.
8. The nominee is an active member of professional organizations.
9. The nominee has contributed to the profession by presenting at professional conferences, seminars and/or workshops or publishing articles in print or through electronic media.
10. The nominee’s work can be used as a model.
11. The nominee’s work reflects the mission and purpose of ISTE.
12. The nominee will represent ISTE well in all forums.

 * Definition of a teacher
It is the intent of the ISTE Outstanding Teacher Award to recognize those persons currently responsible for the day-to-day instruction of PK–12 students, regardless of subject matter. There is an assumption that under this scenario, there will be an articulated curriculum and some type of assessment of learning. Therefore, nominees for this award may also include such individuals as library media specialists, technology integration specialists, etc. for it is the duties and responsibilities of one’s job that define one’s role, rather than one’s title. Of note however, if more than seventy-five percent of one’s responsibilities do not include the direct instruction of PK–12 age students, then the nomination for Outstanding Teacher would not be appropriate.

** Tips to Consider
Note that the winning nominee for Outstanding Teacher and Outstanding Leader will be included into ISTE’s international pool of applicants. The criteria for ISTE will be the same as listed above. It is strongly recommended that the nomination statement and all letters of recommendation clearly and concisely outline the strengths of the nominee using the language stated in the selection criteria.