Making IT Happen

Last Updated: 10/10/2023 12:45 PM


Making IT Happen Award







Making IT Happen is an internationally recognized awards program for educators and leaders who have been instrumental in the field of educational technology integration in K–12 schools. The program identifies and rewards educational technology leaders in Kentucky for their commitment and innovation. The Making IT Happen Award is given annually by the KySTE Board of Directors.  KySTE only accepts nominations from active members for this award.  Each active member may only nominate one person for this award.  The nomination process opens October 10, 2023 and closes December 15, 2023.

The Making IT Happen program was created in 1995 by Deb DeVries, Kathy Hurley, and Pat Walkington to recognize the contributions of individuals, especially classroom educators, in the field of education technology integration in K-12 schools.  Since its inception, the program has grown into an internationally recognized awards program highlighting the dramatic role various educators, from the Secretary of Education to the classroom teacher, play in the learning process using high quality technology in the classroom.  Designed for educators, the program identifies educational technology leaders around the world and rewards those individuals for their commitment and innovation.  Since the program's inception in 1995, more than 300 Making IT Happen jackets have been awarded to outstanding educational leaders!

The recipient of the award will be announced in February and acknowledged at a special event during the KySTE Spring Conference in Louisville.  Along with the jacket and recognition at the KySTE Spring Conference, the recipient's name is submitted to ISTE for consideration at the International level.


Making IT Happen Selection Criteria
Recipients of the awards are educators who:

  1. Apply available technology now.
  2. Move forward and don't look back.
  3. See students as real people.
  4. Teach through relationships, inspiring, encouraging, nurturing.
  5. Recognize that further change is necessary but understand that it is a process.
  6. Realize that teacher empowerment is the key element in technology integration.
  7. Expect success.
  8. Motivate through awareness and access to information.

To nominate an educator for the Making IT Happen Award, please complete the MIH Nomination Form.

If you have any questions, please email Jessica Sparrow.