Last Updated: 4/12/2022 5:41 PM

2022 Candidates

Extend your commitment to education technology in Kentucky -- become a KySTE officer/board member! 

  • Your commitment: With the exception of the VP/President/Past President, board members have 2 year terms. During that time, they must commit to..
    • One-hour conference call each month (except October, March, and May)
    • Two full days in October (our fall Board meeting + the KySTE Fall Event)
    • 4 full days in March (conference setup and staffing)
    • 2 full days in May (our annual board retreat)
    • Some volunteer work on your own time.
    • Attention to correspondence and online discussions.
  • Your benefits. Besides being a part of a powerful leadership team, board members receive...
    • Free registration at all KySTE events.
    • All travel expenses paid for October, March, and May events (see above).
    • Recognition at our spring conference in front of nearly 2,000 of your peers.
    • Free shirts sporting the KySTE logo.
See "Bylaws" for a full list of officers. Elections take place in April/May each year from nominations received in March.  A call for nominations is sent to all KySTE members, and through many of the state's LISTSERVs. All offices are for two years (half are elected each year), except Vice President/President/Past President, which is a three-year commitment cycle for the elected VP.