KySTE's Committees

KySTE's Committees

Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee is chaired by KySTE's Vice President.  It is the duty of this committee to set the timeline for the election of officers each year, send out the call for nominations, contact nominees to confirm acceptance and then to set up and report the election process and results.

 Awards Committee

The Awards Committee is chaired by the ISTE Liaison.  It is the duty of this committee to set the timeline and processes for the various awards that KySTE sponsors. These awards include the Outstanding Leader, Outstanding Teacher, Outstanding Technical Support Staff awards, as well as the Mary Grace Jaegar Scholarship awards to outstanding STLP students each year.  This committee sends out a call for nominations, reviews the nominations received, scores them with a selected rubric and then notifies winners and their nominees. The winners of the Outstanding Teacher, Leader and Technical Support Staff are recognized at the KySTE Spring Technology Conference every year.  The winners of the STLP scholarships are recognized at the state STLP event.  

All eight of the Regional Representatives are asked to help in scoring the awards nominations. 

Planning Committee

The Planning Committee is chaired by the KySTE President. Its primary responsibility is the planning of the March conference, as well as the Fall Training Event.

Governance Committee

The Governance Committee is chaired by the Parliamentarian.  It is the duty of this committee to review the By-Laws and Policies and Procedures each year and make recommendations to the Board for revisions, additions and/or deletions.  It is also the duty of this committee to take into consideration requests from the membership for changes to these documents and bring them to the Executive Committee for review.  Once decisions are made, this committee communicates the decisions made to the Executive Committee and membership and takes care of the election process to make the changes.

Marketing Committee

The Marketing Committee is chaired by the Communications Officer.  It is the duty of this committee to seek ways to better communicate the benefits of being a KySTE member.  They are tasked with sending out communications such as e-mails, newsletters and notifications as well as developing brochures and advertisements for publication.  Finally, it is the duty of this committee to research conferences and other events that KySTE can participate in to promote KySTE to all educators, administrators and others with a vested interest in Education Technology across the Commonwealth and the nation.

KySTE Outreach Committee

The KySTE Outreach Committee is chaired by the KySTE Outreach Coordinator. It is the duty of this committee to set grant funding levels based on available funds and vendor sponsorships, design and facilitate requests for proposals, coordinate the evaluation of proposals, and select grant recipients. This committee is also responsible in providing other grants and services as proposed by the Board