Impact Leader and Teacher Awards

Last Updated: 10/10/2023 12:46 PM


Outstanding Leader and Teacher Awards




The Impact Leader and Impact Teacher awards recognize and honor one leader and one teacher who have demonstrated outstanding achievement and leadership in implementing technology to improve education. KySTE only accepts nominations from active members for each award annually.  Each active member may only nominate one person for each award.  The nomination process opens October 10, 2023 and closes December 15, 2023.  Each nomination will be evaluated using the selection criteria below by a review committee selected from within the KySTE membership. Winners will be announced in the Spring.

In addition, KySTE will submit the winning Impact Leader and Impact Teacher to ISTE for consideration for additional recognition from nominations submitted by ISTE Affiliates from around the world. ISTE showcases individuals doing outstanding work to improve learning for all students at its summer conference. ISTE publicizes recipients’ achievements to more than 200 media outlets worldwide.


Selection Criteria
1. Required nomination materials are complete and submitted by deadline.
2. The nominee is a PK–12, teacher* (see definition below) if nominated for the teacher award and not a PK–12 teacher if nominated for the leader award.
3. The nominee's work has had a significant positive impact on technology use in the nominee's educational community, whether that's locally, regionally, statewide, nationally or worldwide.
4. The nominee has made efforts to involve the community and business/legislative institutions through partnerships and collaboration in the initiative or program to support and fund the use of digital resources.
5. The nominee has demonstrated his or her ability to develop a systemic plan aligned with shared vision for school effectiveness and student learning through the infusion of digital resources.
6. The nominee continuously improves his or her professional practice through the promotion of technology-related professional learning plans and opportunities, and exhibits leadership in his or her school and/or professional community by engaging in an ongoing process to develop, implement and communicate plans for the effective use of digital tools and resources.
7. The nominee has contributed to the profession by presenting at professional conferences, seminars, and/or workshops or by publishing articles in print or through electronic media.
8. The nominee's work has positively impacted the nominee's school and/or community.
9. The nominee's work reflects ISTE’s mission to empower learners to flourish in a connected world by cultivating a passionate learning community; linking educators and partners; leveraging knowledge and expertise; advocating for strategic policies; and continually improving learning and teaching.

 * Definition of a teacher
It is the intent of the ISTE Impact Teacher Award to recognize those persons currently responsible for the day-to-day instruction of PK–12 students, regardless of subject matter. There is an assumption that under this scenario, there will be an articulated curriculum and some type of assessment of learning. Therefore, nominees for this award may also include such individuals as library media specialists, technology integration specialists, etc. for it is the duties and responsibilities of one’s job that define one’s role, rather than one’s title. Of note however, if more than seventy-five percent of one’s responsibilities do not include the direct instruction of PK–12 age students, then the nomination for Impact Teacher would not be appropriate.

To nominate an educator for the Outstanding Leader Award, please complete the Impact Leader Nomination Form.

To nominate an educator for the Outstanding Teacher Award, please complete the Impact Teacher Nomination Form.

If you have any questions, please email Jessica Sparrow.