KySTE 2020 Board Candidates

Last Updated: 1/22/2020 2:56 PM

See below for candidate statements and links to their résumés. The voting window is from January 24 February 7, 2020.  Members, please check your email for an invitation to vote.  Elected officials begin their duties July 1, 2020.


Vice President

Mary Ann Rankin (Unopposed -- résumé)

Mary Ann RankinHello, KySTE Members! I am honored to be nominated for the position of Vice President of this fabulous organization! I am currently in my seventh year as ISTE Liaison on the KySTE Board. Serving in the position of ISTE Liaison has been a rewarding way to work with other education professionals who support using technology as a tool in our schools to: impact student learning, broaden the scope for learning, and share best practices. I am excited about the opportunity to continue this work in the Vice President role.

In the past 19 years, within my district, I have led district wide initiatives, organized district and regional conferences, chaired committees and provided numerous professional development opportunities for teachers and administrators in the area of instructional technology. These district experiences go hand in hand with the mission of KySTE and fulfilling the Vice President responsibilities.  

Again, I am honored to be nominated and would truly enjoy the opportunity to serve on this fabulous board as Vice President.  


KySTE Outreach

David Lucas (Incumbent -- résumé)

David LucasI was elected in 2014 to be on the KySTE Board as the KySTE Outreach Coordinator. Since then the Outreach Committee and I have worked very hard to improve the whole process, so that more schools will have a chance at being able to receive a KySTE Outreach Grant. The reason in which I am pursuing the nomination as the KySTE Outreach Coordinator is largely due to my concern for the continuation of technology in education. Technology was once considered the way of the future. We have now reached the future, and must incorporate different methods into every classroom. Students must learn the proper uses of today’s advancements. Not only will technology keep students engaged, it is a means of reaching the once unreachable. These are just a few of the reasons I would like to represent the state as the KySTE Outreach Coordinator for two more years.

My position as the Director of Technology with Lewis County School System has provided multiple experiences which has enabled me to be an effective KySTE Board Member for the past six years. Working with people of all levels, such as, but not limited to:  Students, teachers, administrators, board office employees, and the superintendent.  Having constant correspondence with outside vendors, grant coordinators, KEDC, KETS, and working closely with technicians located in other districts, etc.  Also, leading some committees, meeting with administrators during principal cadres in order to discuss technological aspects of varying programs and their impact on the district, mentored a summer intern and completed all corresponding paperwork and supervision.

William King (résumé)

William KingMy name is William King and it is my pleasure to accept the nomination as a candidate for the KySTE Outreach Coordinator.  Currently, I serve as the Director of Technology for the Bowling Green Independent School District.  My lifelong passion for educational technology has led my work on numerous initiatives, including organizing TeachMeet Kentucky, a state-wide EdTech event and TeachMeet ISTE, an international EdTech unconference.  I was honored to receive the Milken Award in 2014 for my work of integrating technology into classrooms across our district.  As outreach coordinator, I believe I can make a positive impact by working on grants that can further the KySTE mission to infuse technology and support innovation throughout the state.  Thank you for your consideration. 

Jason Gray (résumé)

Jason GrayMy name is Jason Gay and I am the Library Media Specialist for Highlands High School in Fort Thomas, Kentucky. It is a pleasure to accept the nomination for KYSTE Outreach Officer. Currently, I serve on the District Technology Committee, as the high school’s School Technology Coordinator, as a part of the high school’s Leadership Team, and a Department Chair. I have worked 14 years in K12 education as a Technology/Media Specialist and Social Studies Teacher. Currently, I serve on the Oversight Team for adoption of KY state library learner standards and am a part of the Information Task Force for KYVL Information Literacy Task Force. I am actively working on ISTE certification to be completed May 2020. Also an Apple Teacher, Common Sense Media Educator, and Google Certified Educator, in 2019, I presented at the Future of Education in Technology Conference (FETC) in the American Association of School Librarians strand on the topic of 3D printing/modeling design services. In 2018, I was honored to be a presenter at the Patterns of Innovation Conference powered by P21 in Napa, California on Activating Student Agency through Makerspaces. In 2017, I was a featured speaker at the National Future of Education Technology Conference on the topic of Green-screening.  My work experience extends over 20 years with graphic design, web technologies and design applications including multi-media and social-media outlets. Prior to working in education, I designed marketing programs for television, radio, newspaper and entertainment clients. If elected, I will strive to highlight the amazing things our teachers and students are accomplishing using technology with creativity, empowerment, communication, critical thinking and collaboration across our state. My efforts to maintain excellence in support of the KYSTE mission of technology empowerment would help further the duty of the KySTE Outreach Officer. 



Robert Forsythe (Incumbent -- résumé)

To the KySTE Membership,

Robert ForsytheThe changes within the state education system are never ending, but the heart of what educators do remains the same:  committed individuals working with students to ensure that the next generation has the skills necessary to be productive members of our society.  To be effective, our teachers need relevant professional development, high quality resources, supportive school administrators, and parents that are productively involved in their children's lives.  A critical resource for educators today is the instructional technology tools found in the classroom.  These tools enable educators to tap the potential of all students in ways that could not have been imagined in years past.  I am proud to be part of the KySTE organization leadership team that is committed to addressing the professional development and resource needs of the state’s teachers in this vital area of instructional technology.  Having served as a Regional Representative and as the board Secretary over these past years I know first hand the positive impact our organization has and, if elected to another term as Secretary, I am committed to working with the other members on the KySTE Board to ensure that our organization continues to be a leader in achieving the education technology goals of our members and the students they educate.

Robert Forsythe

Kathleen Receveur (résumé)

Kathleen ReceveurI am seeking this position to learn from and collaborate with others in the state of Kentucky on innovative teaching practices that will help prepare our students for their future. 

I have worked in education for 15 years. I started out as a primary teacher in the west end of Louisville where I taught Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade and then transitioned to the computer lab. In my current position, I lead 32 elementary schools on their digital transformation. I work with teachers and administrators on innovative teaching and how they can blend technology integration into their teaching. As a district digital Innovation leader, I also lead Digital Agility for our teachers. I coordinate teacher certification camps, badging and conferences. I am a continuous learner and would love the opportunity to serve on the KySTE Board. 


Communications Officer

Nikkol Bauer (Incumbent -- résumé)

I have been honored to have served as Communications Officer of KySTE for the past several years and welcome the opportunity to serve Kentucky educators in this capacity for another two years.  I truly believe that Kentucky leads the nation (if not world) in education technology.  KySTE has been an instrumental part of Kentucky’s EdTech success through its professional learning opportunities and support for innovative projects in our schools and districts.  Being a part of the leadership team responsible for these endeavors is an extremely rewarding and humbling experience.  I am currently in my 25th year in education, having spent the past 21 years as CIO of Henry County Public Schools.

Amy Buss (résumé)

Amy BussI am humbled by the nomination and as candidate for KySTE Communications Officer, my goal is to continue to advocate for technology in education and to assist the KySTE organization and its members in sharing the stories of innovative teaching and learning practices across the state of Kentucky!  The KySTE organization is representative of the innovative students, educators and edtech leaders that make learning happen each and every day!  Let's share our why!  



Region 2 Representative

Jerrod Graybeal (Unopposed -- résumé)

Jerrod GraybealHello KySTE members, my name is Jerrod Graybeal and I am honored to be the Region 2 nominee. I currently serve as the CIO for the Grayson County school district where I have championed education technology for the past twenty-three years. I have worked in numerous roles as an advocate for promoting educational technology by contributing my expertise to multiple projects to promote the continued improvement of using technology in not only my home district, but throughout the state of Kentucky. With your support I would welcome the opportunity to continue to promote the mission of KySTE in Region 2 by promoting technology as an integral part of the educational process through advocacy and leadership, promoting educational excellence and supporting technology-based innovation.



Region 4 Representative

Cindy Johann (Unopposed incumbent -- résumé)

Cindy JohannI am interested in the Region 4 rep because I believe in the mission of KySTE, to support technology in education.  I believe in their support for STLP, their support for Kentucky teachers with the KySTE fall and spring conference and their dedication to  working with the state to improve technology education.


Region 6 Representative

Jacob Cecil (Unopposed Incumbent -- résumé)

School districts in Kentucky are unique from many other states in that they DON'T exist in a vacuum, especially regarding technology, but they actively work together to overcome the challenges of the modern classroom. I enjoy participating with the KySTE board, as it allows an opportunity to facilitate the collaboration between the districts, to make the overall technology experience a better one in the state.


Region 8 Representative

Neil Arnett (Unopposed -- résumé)

Neil ArnettI am truly excited to be considered for the post of Region 8 Representative. KySTE has meant so much to me in my career and professional growth, I am looking forward to giving back! Currently I am serving in my 2nd term as President of the East Region Association of Technology Coordinators and organize the annual ERATC Summer Technical Conference. This is my 16th year serving the teachers & students of KY in educational technology. Since 2013 I have served as Co District Technology Coordinator for Pikeville Independent Schools. In these 16 years I have trained more than a thousand teachers across the state in multimedia project based learning, digital tools, making, & computational thinking. As stated in our KySTE mission it is my firm belief that technology infused as an integral part of the educational process is the key to leveling the playing field for our children to compete on a global stage.